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Law Enforcement Together

Mission Statement

To develop and implement policies and programs to reduce criminal victimization, promote crime prevention and safety awareness, and serve the needs of the senior community in Peabody.  In addition, the Council will design and support programs to improve the quality of life for our senior citizens.

If you would like information about becoming a Triad Council member, or would like more information on any of the Triad Programs, please contact the Peabody Council on Aging at



Triad is a community policing initiative between seniors, law enforcement, and service providers to increase safety through education and crime prevention.  Its goals are:

Reduce criminal activity which targets older Americans

Alleviate seniors’ fear of victimization, build confidence and improve the quality of life

Enhance delivery of law enforcement services to senior citizens


Empower – give seniors leadership on the Triad Council to determine its direction.

Educate – gather information on criminal activity, and sponsor crime prevention workshops and other programs.

Reach out – reduce fear and increase peace of mind for seniors

Force Links – provide a forum to discuss crime-related needs and concerns of seniors, identify problem areas, and develop and implement community-wide solutions.

House Numbers: 4” numbers to comply with the Massachusetts law and local ordinance.

“ICE: Stickers for Cell Phones

Speaker Series

Identity Theft

Senior Scams

Prescription Drug Disposal

Elder Abuse

Health Care Proxy

Durable Power of Attorney

Homestead Act

Home Improvement Contractor’s Statute


Health Care Fraud

“Teens Today”: Current Issues Facing your Adolescent Grandchild

Also Available thru other Agencies

Hoarding: presentations provided by Laurie Grant, GLSS, 781-586-8605

Health Care Errors, Fraud and Abuse: presentations provided by SMP from Elder Services of the Merrimac Valley, 800-892-0890

The Play:

Breaking the Silence – Voices of Hope

GLSS & NJN 781-599-0110

Registry of Motor Vehicles Safe Driving Presentations:

Michele Ellicks 617-973-8995

Current Projects

"Yellow Dot" Program: This sticker on your car's back window alerts emergency responders to Medical Data Record in the glove box of the car.

File of Life: Magnetic Pouch holding your updated medical information on the refrigerator door.

Photo Id: for seniors who do not drive.

9-1-1 Disability Indicator Program: Applications available at the Police Department or Torigian Community Life Center. This confidential program enables       9-1-1 dispatchers' access to information regarding individuals with disabilities to aid in their emergency care.

Identity Theft: What to do?

Grab and Go Bags: Be ready for an unexpected disaster.

My Personal Information: Record guide for families

SafeLink: Application forms for wireless phones available thru PCOA Social Service.

The current Peabody Triad Council:

Members at Large

Chairperson: ----------------------- -------Joseph Mendonca

Administrative Assistant………..Sheila Dzengelewski

Correspondence Secretary: ----------Catherine Morrocco

Ella Roland         Leonard Roland

Helen Lang          Marie Mello

Carol Murtagh      Natalie Rabitski

Barbara Doyle      Frank Hardy

Andy Metropolis

Permanent Members’ Representatives

City of Peabody:

Chris Ryder, Chief of Staff

District Attorney:

Mikki Defeo, Assistant District Attorney

Deputy Chief of Victim/Witness Services

Essex County Sheriff's Department:

Maurice Pratt

Assistant Superintendent, III

Peabody Council On Aging:

Carolyn Wynn, Director

Maryanne Pierce, Social Services Coordinator

Peabody Police:

Scott Richards, Captain,Special Services/Traffic

David Bettencourt, Sergeant

Richard Cameron, Elder Affairs

Sandi Drover, Healthy Peabody Collaborative

Peabody Fire:

John Hosman, Deputy Fire Chief

Chris Dowling, Captain

Ryan Gill, Captain

Atlantic Ambulance Director of Operations:

Eric Dwan, Operations Manager

Peabody Housing Authority:

Sharlene Palmachuck, Office Manager

Peabody Board of Health:

Melissa Rougier, LADC1, Peabody Police

Peabody Municipal Light Plant:

Cynthia L. Lewis, Community Relations Coordinator and

Grant Writer

Permanent Members

City of Peabody:

Edward A. Bettencourt, Jr., Mayor

District Attorney:

Paul F. Tucker

Essex County Sheriff's Department:

Kevin F. Coppinger, Sheriff

Peabody Council On Aging:

Natalie Maga, Chairperson

John Sacramone, Vice Chairperson

Peabody Police:

Thomas M. Griffin, Chief of Police

Peabody Fire:

John Dowling, Chief

Christopher Dowling, Captain

Ryan Gill, Captain

Atlantic Ambulance:

Robert White, Director of Operations

Eric Dwan, Operations Manager

Peabody Housing Authority:

Anne Marie Burns, Exec Director

Susan Velez, Asst. Executive Director

Peabody Board of Health:

Sharon Cameron, Director

Chassea Robinson, Public Health Nurse

Veterans’ Services: Steve Patten, Director

Peabody Municipal Light Plant:

John Maihos, Human Resources & Community Relations

Brooksby Farm

JoAnne Roden, Manager



Community Report

2010 – 2012


Download Carolyn Wynn, Director Edward A Bettencourt Jr, Mayor  Peabody Triad  Triad Library